What is Labs?

Big Room Studios presents Labs: a collection of libraries created and maintained by our team of superstar developers. We have open-sourced these tools for you to use, improve and share. If you want to contribute or provide feedback, please contact the project maintainer on GitHub.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love React


A hapi plugin integrating Waterline ORM

Angular Admin

Angular 1.x admin boilerplate


The hapi route config preprocessor


No-fuss hapi server testing

Unity3D Web Services

A simple get / post C# wrapper

Haute Couture

A file-based hapi.js plugin composer


A powerful little tool for animations and transitions


Polymer high-fives Reflux


A graph library intended to delight you

Yarn Elements

Polymer v1 elements for the Yarniverse

Cors Light

Secure, shared local storage across domains

Who is Big Room Studios?

Big Room Studios is a software development company located in Portland, Maine. Our team is devoted to making real-time, responsive web applications for the web, tablet, mobile, and touch-enabled devices. We provide lean startup consulting, design, and agile development services to create outcomes that matter to you. Here at Big Room Studios, our mission is to create jobs, ship cool things, and make the world a better place.